Vehicle Finance Loan for a repeat customer from the South East

A security company from the South East returned to Genie Lending for finance to purchase an additional vehicle for the business.

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a big expense for a SME. In this case it was a necessary requirement for the business. There are many obvious avenues for vehicle leasing or vehicle purchase via a van or car dealership however these can often have restrictions and clauses in the finance which are not in harmony with the clients business plan.

It may seem like an unusual choice for some to approach a commercial finance broker for vehicle finance when you could go direct but there are many benefits to negotiating with a known cash sum. In this instance the security company was a repeat client who knew and trusted Genie Lending. They had not yet found a vehicle and were concerned to over committing to a high cost vehicle through a main dealer, and taking on the long term commitment of a lease scheme. 

The case manager discussed the requirements with the directors and it was concluded that an unsecured business loan would be the best option, in order to give the company freedom of choice over where they purchased the vehicle and also additional negotiating power.

The case manager was able to present the case to lenders and achieve two offers of funding within 24 hours, eventually having funds released to the client within 4 days of initial contact.

If your business has found funding difficult to obtain you can trust Genie Lending to go to every extent to provide the correct finance quickly, for the result you want. As well as the household names in the industry we have access to proven lending sources who you will not find on the high street. Our aim is to help UK SME’s obtain funding for all their business requirements, whether that be growth, acquiring premises, paying HMRC liabilities or simply working capital. Genie Lending can assist with complete finance solutions.