Helping a property developer in Gloucestershire to realise a new business opportunity quickly

At Genie we see some complex cases and this one is a shining example of how our case managers can make the near impossible, possible. A limited company approached us with a substantial directors loan to repay, requesting £100,000 cash to do so. The directors loan had already been used in the purchase and refurbishment of a property vested in the company name. The directors did not want to sell this property, now worth £185,000 but needed £100,000 rapidly for other business opportunities.

A traditional Buy to Let mortgage would seem the obvious choice, however as the director had recently been involved in the liquidation of another business, the mainstream Buy to Let lenders were not prepared to lend, so we took it upon ourselves to look at other fast funding options.

Other non-mainstream lenders were willing to lend but the upfront costs and longer timescales made this option prohibitive, the solution our case manager came up with was more than the client hoped for, a bridging loan requiring no valuation, no personal guarantees and no debenture! Interest at a low rate of 0.75% per month over 12 months, deducted from the loan.

Our Genie case manager made this happen in a 12 day turnaround from the time of receiving the lenders terms to completion and funds transfer.

If your business has found funding difficult to obtain you can trust Genie Lending to go to every extent to provide the correct finance quickly, for the result you want. As well as the household names in the industry we have access to proven lending sources who you will not find on the high street. Our aim is to help UK SME’s obtain funding for all their business requirements, whether that be growth, acquiring premises, paying HMRC liabilities or simply working capital. Genie Lending can assist with complete finance solutions.