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Revolving credit facility case study

A new client to Genie Lending, with a newly established business based in the East Midlands, won a contract to supply specialist drilling equipment to the military. However, due to the nature of the contract and restrictions of the industry, they are required to pay up front for the equipment before receiving payment from their customer, the military.

Traditional trade finance or Invoice Financing was not appropriate for this transaction and the client was left with a gap in their cash flow.

By utilising an unsecured, revolving credit facility, the business is able to borrow, in a similar way to a traditional overdraft, to purchase the stock, only covering the interest until they are able to repay when the order has been fulfilled, and their invoice paid. At which time the facility is available to draw on again for any reason.

The facility was put together in a matter of days putting the client in a strong position to secure the contract ahead of competitors.

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