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How Alternative Finance Could Plug the Funding Gap Post Brexit

Whatever you think about Brexit, there’s no denying that it will cause a funding gap for UK businesses. Billions of small business support comes from the EU, so once we officially leave the union it will no doubt have a huge impact on British businesses – what some people are referring to as a “funding black hole.” A report from the Federation of Small Businesses found that £3.6bn of funding comes from the EU, and as the UK government has not budgeted for a replacement regional fund, companies face a shortfall from 2021.

Additionally, the European Investment Fund (EIF) has shifted its focus away from the UK after the Brexit vote, leaving UK tech firms cut off from Europe’s largest source of capital venture funding. This is a huge blow to Great Britain’s tech start-up scene which is currently one of the largest in the world.

When the current EU funding pot runs out in 2021, it is essential that the government invests in local businesses – but that seems unlikely when they haven’t planned for it and have so many other pressing Brexit issues to deal with. So who or what will plug the funding gap? One thing is for sure – it won’t be the banks bailing us out.

Alternative finance solutions

The reality is that many small businesses and start-ups won’t have access to free business support and investment. We predict there will be a rise in personal investors, such as ‘Dragons’ or ‘Angel investors’ and many entrepreneurs will have to look for other ways of funding their business ideas. Business loans from the bank are rarely available to start-ups and the majority of individuals wouldn’t meet the strict criteria, leaving them little option when it comes to financing a business.

The alternative finance market has been providing non-conventional borrowing for businesses for years now, and the responsibility of post-Brexit business funding may fall there. Offering crowdfunding solutions, peer to peer funding, asset finance and unsecured business loans, these alternative finance providers could be the answer for SMEs, start-ups, businesses looking to achieve growth and entrepreneurs alike.

Because alternative finance solutions are tailored, a specialist finance broker can help identify the right financial product for each business. Although they will have to pay the loan back with interest on top, this type of finance is usually more favourable than the bank’s interest rates and the cash is often delivered a lot faster.

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