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Business Loan Success Stories

Have you struggled to secure funding for your start-up or small business? Whether you’ve been rejected because of a poor personal credit rating, lack of experience or unfavourable accounts, it can be tempting to take the knock-back personally and assume you’ll never receive funding.

What Criteria Do Lenders Look for in a Business?

Are you a fledgling entrepreneur looking to launch your own business? Or perhaps you’ve already taken the plunge and now wish to expand your operations? Either way, it’s highly likely you’ll need an injection of cash to make that vital next step and loaning from a bank, building society or other money lender is the […]

What can Asset Finance be Used for?

Many businesses from a whole host of industries rely on asset finance to spread the cost of expensive goods and grow the business. Not many companies, especially smaller firms, have large amounts of cash to buy essential equipment or machinery upfront – so asset finance allows them to purchase items on a lease basis. Asset […]

The Pros and Cons of Bank Loans & Alternative Finance

Businesses are faced with a choice when it comes to funding; they can apply for a bank loan or look for less conventional forms of finance. With such a huge choice of business loans and the alternative finance sector booming, it can be difficult to know which path to take. So why are non-traditional finance […]

Why are non-Bank Loans Gaining Popularity?

SMEs are likely to need financial support when starting up or in the first few years of trading – yet it’s at this crucial time when high street banks often reject their loan applications. Banks and financial institutions have tightened their lending in the uncertain economic climate, and because of the higher risk of lending […]

How Alternative Finance Could Plug the Funding Gap Post Brexit

Whatever you think about Brexit, there’s no denying that it will cause a funding gap for UK businesses. Billions of small business support comes from the EU, so once we officially leave the union it will no doubt have a huge impact on British businesses – what some people are referring to as a “funding […]