Business Loan Success Stories

Have you struggled to secure funding for your start-up or small business? Whether you’ve been rejected because of a poor personal credit rating, lack of experience or unfavourable accounts, it can be tempting to take the knock-back personally and assume you’ll never receive funding.

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How Business Loans Work

Are you considering a business loan but not sure of the process or how they differ from the average loan? There are many different types of business finance, and it’s important to understand how each works before choosing the right option for you and your company. Many businesses rely on loans or alternative finance options to grow and flourish, and most companies wouldn’t even get off the ground without a bit of financial help.

So how do you apply for a business loan? We’ve put together this informative and concise guide to tell business owners and entrepreneurs everything they need to know about loans. From covering a short term cost to investing in your next location, business loans can be a great tool for growth if used in the right way. Read more

4 Reasons Traditional Business Loans are Dead

Over the past decade or so, traditional business lending has faced competition from new and creative alternative finance options. High street banks are clamping down on offering credit, and there are few small businesses which meet the criteria for a traditional bank loan. Yet this hasn’t discouraged entrepreneurs and business owners who require capital to grow their companies. Read more

Should I Apply for a Business Loan?

Applying for a business loan is a difficult decision. However, many business owners don’t have a choice if they want to keep their businesses up and running. Business loans provide vital funding to help manage cash flow when times are hard, or to give owners the opportunity to expand and increase income over a period of time. Read more