What is Fusion Retailing and Should You Try it?

Transforming a business into a one-stop provider makes good business sense. Modern consumer behaviour and expectation of instant gratification means consumers demand convenience in everything they do.

With the rise and adaption of mobile communication and browsing technology, consumer habits have also changed. Increasing numbers of people ‘shop on the go’ – they don’t want to go to different stores and shops to get what they need if they can see what is available on a little screen.

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How Will Brexit Affect UK Trade Deals?

Brexit has been the hot topics in the UK for over two years. UK businesses have already made preparations for potential lower rates of trade due to leaving the European Union.

But will all go downhill from here? Trade deals are integral in sustaining industries from raw material manufacturers to suppliers, but how will Brexit dictate the economic balance of the UK-EU partnership?

Currency at stake?

The pound was overvalued before the Brexit vote, which is why so many speculators and those in the know made a fortune betting against the pound.

Typically, the value of a currency is in part affected by the consensus of its economic current and future standing. Some experts had, before the leave vote, analysed the post-Brexit landscape and subsequently made the prediction that it will preempt a ‘slowing down’ of the economy.

However, these are probably the same ‘experts’ who predicted half a million job losses, an emergency budget and an extra £3,500 a year cost to every household in the UK should we vote to leave the EU.

Customs and trade?

Once the UK leaves the EU, it has to leave the customs union and take back control of the national economy once and for all. In practice, this could mean little difference to how things operate now. German carmakers, French wine producers and service companies which own significant stakes in our infrastructure will not stop trading with us overnight. It is not in their interests to block trade, neither is it our interest to reciprocate.

Countries such as Canada, the United States – in fact, any country which is not in or going to apply for membership of the EU trades freely with the EU. Why should the case be any different for the UK post-Brexit leave date?

What does the future hold in store?

Although Brexit will mean the UK is formally leaving the EU, under article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, the UK is still allowed to renegotiate a new trade relationship with the EU within a minimum of two years.

It is in the interests of the governments of the countries of the EU that a new trade deal is developed. However, the current mindset of some business owners, trade associations and, sadly, many of our elected representatives and unelected peers is one of defeatism and failure.

To sum it up, the future of trade between the UK and the rest of Europe will carry on with little effect. If there is any slight downside, that will be more than compensated by our new freedom to trade freely with other nations without the shackles of a protectionist treaty holding us back.

Business opportunities will be thriving in specific areas after Brexit has happened. We will undoubtedly be pleased to speak with you regarding any commercial finance enquiry. So contact us today with your requirement.

How to Invest in Companies

Investing in companies can be both highly rewarding and challenging. Successful investing isn’t easy, but if you follow a few fundamental principles, you’ll give yourself the best chance of success.

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How to Start a Business in 2018

New Year, new you, new business venture? Go for it! There’s never been a better time to follow your dreams and kickstart a successful business than today, as the sooner you get the ball rolling, the sooner you’ll be able to reap the rewards. Read more

How to Buy a Commercial Property without a Bank Loan

If you’re looking to buy a new commercial property or renovate the commercial premises you currently occupy, you might think a business loan from the bank is the only way. However, high street banks are not the only places which can support your commercial property investments.

Finance is a barrier for many businesses, but a lack of cash shouldn’t hold you back. In fact, the majority of companies wouldn’t have achieved success unless they borrowed money to grow. In order to expand and flourish, you require a funding solution which allows you to purchase the type of property you need – shops, retail units, farm buildings or industrial warehouses.

So is it really possible to buy a commercial property without help from the bank? Yes.

Commercial mortgages from the high street banks

A commercial mortgage is a bank loan which is intended to be used for purchasing a business property. A general business loan will have lower lending limits than a commercial mortgage. This type of mortgage differs from a residential mortgage, and you will likely need a large cash deposit as commercial mortgages tend to cover 70% of the property price.

As always, when borrowing from high street lenders the level of risk is measured precisely and if any factor falls slightly outside the risk profile, the mortgage application will be refused.  It is becoming very difficult to obtain any loan from a bank, especially a mortgage.

Other options to Buy a Commercial Property

Almost all businesses require some sort of premises, whether it’s an office or a factory. If you need to purchase commercial property for your business, or you want to buy a business which is for sale such as a B&B or a restaurant, then you don’t always have to rely on the high street banks.

The finance market has changed drastically over the last decade, allowing loan brokers and alternative finance providers to offer a range of alternate solutions. They explore funding streams to offer businesses commercial mortgages to companies that would typically get refused a loan from the bank. Alternative finance providers offer tailored solutions to fit your business, whether it’s development funding, a bridging loan or a traditional commercial mortgage.

If you need to purchase a commercial property and would like to discuss the options available to you, call our business finance managers on 012020 868843.