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How to Prepare Your Business for the Busy Christmas Season

Christmas is just a couple of months away, which means that business preparations for the year’s busiest shopping season should be well underway. Many department stores and restaurants have festive decorations and gifts on display from September onwards, but it’s the organisation back of house which is the most important for delivering top customer service at Christmastime. Whether you have a store or an ecommerce business, preparation is key – so we’ve put together some top tips for business owners.

Plan for the busiest days

While the whole of November and December will be busier than usual, there are some shopping days which need further preparation. The biggest days for retail are Black Friday, Super Saturday, Boxing Day and the first days of the January sales. In the hospitality sector, you’ll need to be prepared for corporate Christmas parties every day of the week, but Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are usually the busiest nights.

Do what you need to do for these days – buy extra stock, invest in more machinery and hire more staff to reduce queues.

Arrange your finances

While you may be raking it in at this time of year, you might not have the funds in advance to ensure your shelves are full of stock or your coffee machine can handle the extra custom. The answer? An alternative finance solution. If you need to buy new equipment or can’t afford the extra temporary staff members you desperately need, find some funds now.

Be cosy and inviting

Consumers may not plan on buying anything – but invite them in from the cold and they probably won’t leave empty handed. Create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your premises, with tasteful decorations and lights. This also applies to online businesses – give your website a festive makeover!

Stay on top of the competition

Consumers have a lot of choice for their holiday shopping and dining. While you’ll want to be totally focused on your own store or hospitality venture, you should also take time out to discover what your competitors are offering. Try and do something different to entice people, whether it’s a special promotion, a freebie or a better shopping experience.

Are you ready for the Christmas season? Without being prepared, you risk losing a lot of possible profit.