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How to get Funding for Your Farm

If you are thinking of starting a farm, or your current agricultural project needs some TLC, your first line of thinking will be funding and financing. Although some farms are eligible for rural grants and government funding, much of these are supported by the EU. With Brexit going ahead early next year, farmers may not be able to rely on this funding for much longer and should seek information about other funding options.

Agricultural businesses can be successful when they are in the right location and offer produce which is in demand. However, these rural projects require a lot of investment to get off the ground, which can be difficult to find. If your farm needs a funding injection, or you need some capital for a new rural site, there are many alternative financing solutions you could be eligible for.

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One of the most suitable options is to find a lender which specialises in agricultural finance. They will understand your particular needs as a farmer, and can supply specific funding for various parts of the business. From asset finance and vehicle finance to specialised funding for green energy projects, agricultural finance is the ideal solution for rural business owners.

Business Loan

Alternatively, you could apply for a short term business loan. However, with many banks halting their lending you could have to turn to an alternative finance expert. You could get all the benefits you’d get from the bank, such as a flexible overdraft and large cash sums – but without the tedious application process.

Applying for Farm Funding with Genie Lending

Whether you need to update your farm buildings, expand your livestock or invest in new machinery to update operations, Genie Lending can help. As experts in agricultural funding, we understand the financial challenges farmers face and aim to provide an alternative to bank loans.

Applying for finance is really easy. First you just need to contact one of our business finance managers, who will discuss your project with you and the different funding options available. You may need to supply some business records, the process is fast and painless compared to a bank loan application. You could have the cash you need in as little as a few days – so you can get on with running your farm.

Interested? Get in touch with Genie Lending today to find out why we are a firm favourite with farmers.